About Us


It’s a family affair when it comes to the ladies of SLM. In 2014, Ellen Zabitsky and her two daughters, Alana and Erika Streisfield sought to revolutionize the pant industry.

In the quest for a skinny look, the choices were limited. On the one hand, there was the comfortable but cheap, unflattering and un-everything legging. And on the other hand there was the stylish but unaffordable mid to high-end designer pant.

The trio came together under the brand name SLM to bridge the gap between cheap comfort and high-end designer style in the pant industry.

Made from a high quality ponte fabric, SLMs incorporate the characteristics of a pant - like front and back pockets - with the pull-on ease of a legging, and can be worn to work, a night out, walking the dog, or as some clients have admitted, to bed.

Canadian born and raised, SLMs are designed and produced in the brand's hometown of Toronto.

Join the pant revolution, today!